Understanding Sports Watches

Sports watches were originally created to help people monitor their exercise. In the past, it only consisted of features that will show you the time, date, functions as a stopwatch and alarm. Today, you’ll see stopwatches in the market that already forms as an on-the-go computer with multi-functional features.

For the first couple of years that stopwatches were manufactured, it’s usually made in black. But today, you’ll see it in many different designs, styles, sizes and colours. From yellow to red, orange to blue, you’ll see it in almost any colour.

Key Features of Sports Watch

Sports watches are used to help people monitor their progress while they exercise. It’s mostly used by people who enjoy swimming, running, and any other type of sports. If you’re looking for a sports watch that will help you out, here are some of the key features that you should look for:

• Chronograph –A sports watch without chronograph will not be a sports watch at all. The chronograph features is like a stopwatch that will record your time for your sprints, multiple and individual lap times and record a memory log. Most of the time it shows milliseconds and seconds.

• Water-resistant –This feature is very important especially for those in the diving and swimming exercises or sports. Water-resistant feature will ensure that you sports watch will be able to handle the stress you put to it under the water.

• Shock-resistant – A lot of people use sports watch when they are climbing or hiking. That is why having the shock-resistant feature will ensure that it will be protected through all the rough roads or climates you go through.

• GPS Tracker – Through the modernisation of technology, sports watch had included GPS tracking feature that will help the user know his specific location. Plus, there are some products that can connect to smartphones by using an app that will allow the user see his overall geographic location.

Top 3 Sports Watches of 2020

With all the products in the market today, there are still some that outweigh their competitors. Here are just 3 of the best sports watches on the market today:

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro – Known for its toughness, long lasting and smart features, this sports watch is definitely one of the best. Its GPS can work online using a smartphone and can handle most of the sports. It has deeper water-resistant level and better built for shock resistant.

Garmin Forerunner 735xt – It can handle GPS tracking for 16 straight hours or over a month when used from a smartphone, you can also get notifications from Facebook, emails and call notifications. Plus, it also has the advanced basic features you’ll find in a sports watch.

Polar Vantage V – One of the best-looking sports watches in the market today, this product also has smart notifications and has a long lasting battery life. Like other great sports watch, you can expect almost the same features.

Now that you know the common features that you should look for in a sports watch, you’re now ready to look for the best one that will fit your lifestyle and chosen sport.