Military Watches – A Quick Guide

During the early production of wristwatch during the end of the 19th century, the industry is exclusive only for the female customers. The men are more inclined in using pocket watches. It was believed that the male customers started to embrace the wristwatches during the release of the military watch. There are diverse histories that concern the use of tactical watches. Some said that it was during the year 1880 when the German Navy has some kind of watch that is strapped on their wrist. Others are claiming that it was the British army who first introduce the use of it on the Boer War. And there are also Japanese saying that Japanese military are already using it at some point of Sino-Japanese War.

Short History of the Military Watch

Despite of the varying history that started the use of the wristwatch, they still possess a common goal, and that is to have a convenient instrument that can accurately depict the exact time during the instance that they are in the battlefield. For these reasons, the men are required to use military wristwatches. The pocket watch has been modified and turn into a tactical watch. Omega was one of the very first companies who claimed that their wristwatches have been used by the armies during the war. Probably it is their way to market their goods to the male customers.

During the start of the First World War, the fighter planes create a huge demand in military watches. Tactical watches have been required for pilot, naval armies, and military to religiously follow the minutes of war. Hamilton was the very first company to supply the tactical watch during the 1st World War. The Hamilton model Khaki is still widely used in today’s market. Elgin and Omega were also reportedly commissioned to supply the tactical watches.

Key Features of Military Watch

One of the key features of the military watch would be its high visibility. The first models of tactical watch were manufactured with white and bold hands and large Arabic Numerals. It also has a 60-seconds gradation and a black dial. The dial also allows the wearer to adjust the time and properly synchronise their watches on the watches of their comrades.

The tactical watches have developed during the 2nd World War. Omega has decided to incorporate a second hand and improve its resistance against water. Those with an impressive water proof feature come with a W.W.W. mark at the back of the military watch. The most recent models come with a Micro-gaseous substance that illuminates in the dark.

3 Iconic Military Watch

One of the most iconic tactical watches would be the b19 Combat Bronze manufactured by Lum-Tec. It has an automatic framework and a practical layout and has an improve visibility. Another commendable military watch would be the Mackinow Field created by Filson. It has a steel case, and parts are assembled manually. It is also glare proof and scratch proof that guarantees to maintain its quality despite of the tough condition. Finally, there is a Seiko 5 that has a different tone compared to other types of tactical watches. It is manufactures using a 37mm casing and comes at a very affordable price of around $90.