Dive Watches – Things to Know

The first thing that you might need to know about this particular type of watches is that they are water resistant. This means that the mechanism is properly sealed in the body which is capsulated in a manner which would prevent any water to get in. This is the main difference between dive watches and regular ones. However, there is more to that. Dive watches, in particular, are designated for diving to significant depths where the pressure is incredibly high. That’s why they are built with resistance in mind and could withstand depths of up to 3,000 meters. This is something that the regular watch would surely break to.

The Key Features of a Diving Watch

As explained, the main feature of a typical diving watch would be its ability to withstand great depths. Some of the particularly sophisticated watches are going to feature additional perks which would provide them with the opportunity to withstand unbelievable diving depths. For instance, an integrated helium release valve is going to provide the watch with the chance to go under a significant depth without experiencing the crushing effect of the lowered pressure.

A variety of companies are offering highly functioning and great diving watches. There are two basic types of diving watches – analog and digital. However, besides the regular analog and digital models some of them are going to extract the features of the digital and the analog and combine them into a potent blend of features. There is a specific ISO 6425 standard which is going to set forth the minimum requirements for a diving watch.

Interesting and Characteristic Models

Starting from the top to the bottom it’s worth noting that the Breitling Avenger Seawolf is amongst the most highly functioning diving watches right now. It is capable of withstanding the pressure and resistance of a depth of up to 10,000 ft which is particularly unbelievable. One of the break-through models was the Oyster by Rolex which was manufactured in 1926 and it featured the first hermitically sealed case. Going further, the Omega SA is currently credited as the company which is responsible for the first industrially produced diving watch which was specifically intended for commercial distribution. This is, of course, the “Marine” model and it was without a doubt an impressive one. It was manufactured back in 1932, and it got certified as being able to withstand a pressure of 1.37 MPA which is equivalent to 443 feet of depth. It’s pretty impressive if you imagine that it was developed about 85 years ago.